No Parking 24hr Access Required


This No Parking 24hr Access Required sign is made from aluminium and comes with sticky pads for easy fixing, but can easily be drilled for a more permanent fixing if required.

These signs are made using a sublimation process, which unlike screen-printing, print-cut vinyl and direct-to-substrate printing are sitting on the surface of the product. Sublimation ink is actually infused into the surface itself, and will not crack, peel or wash away and is rust and rot proof.

Combined with the extreme versatility of ‘Sawgrass’ sublimation printing technology delivers extremely vibrant colours and stunning resolution at levels that other digital processes simply cannot match.

Our aluminium sublimation is the perfect choice for home, office and business situations, printing signs, wall art, hobbies, word clouds and children’s artwork. In addition to listed items we can also offer bespoke sizes, colours and fonts to suit most applications. Contact us if you have a specific requirement.



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No Parking 24hr Access Required

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