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Aluminium is a great medium for all types of signs and plaques. For sublimation purposes it is formulated with a special coating that allows ink to be infused into the surface, it is rust proof, rot proof and weather resistant.

Sublimating onto metal is a relatively new  way of reproducing images and text. The sublimation process itself  goes from a solid to a gas and then back to a solid, skipping the liquid state. The image or text is first printed onto a special transfer paper and then is adhered to pre-treated aluminum.

Aluminium signs are available in range of popular sizes and finishes such as silver, gold, and white and provides maximum detail and colour vibrancy. Thickness 0.5mm and 0.7mm

Sublimation aluminium signs have a host of advantages. Soap and water is usually all that is required to remove marks and finger prints on the surface, and being moisture proof they can resist changes in temperature, so can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and saunas without any problem.

ChromaLuxe Aluminium Signs

Aluminium SignsWith prolonged use outside or in more demanding situations they may fade over time just like photographic prints, so it is recommended to use External ChromaLuxe which is UV resistant, scratch and graffiti resistant, and has a guaranteed life of 5 years or more depending on the location. They are 1.1mm in thickness and available in white and silver.

Also available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the display of graphic and outdoor photography markets. The finish on these is high gloss and amazingly bright and colourful.

With the introduction of EXT ChromaLuxe  they have once again expanded the hard surface dye sublimation industry by fulfilling the needs  and requirements of  consumers, photographers, printers, designers, and all manner of commercial markets.

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